TYR Hydrofoil Ankle Float - Small

TYR Hydrofoil Ankle Float - Small

  • $17.99

Gain pull power and arm strength every workout with the soft and comfortable TYR Hydrofoil Ankle Float.


  • Specifically designed for core development and strength training.
  • Forces the swimmer to tighten his or her abdominals and lower back muscles to maintain proper positioning and form.
  • Easy on and off.
  • Circular cuffs fit securely around your ankles.

Two Levels of Resistance

  • When the flatter size is facing up towards your knees (TYR logo is upright), the resistance is greater.
  • When the contour side is facing toward your knees (TYR logo is upside down), the resistance is lessened.


  • Engineered for swimmers who weigh 155 lbs and under.